Code of Conduct

Badges must be worn at all NEAA sponsored events during the conference. Individuals without a visible event badge will not be permitted into the exhibit hall or any meeting areas.

Exhibitor (Vendor) Defined
An Exhibitor is defined as any person(s) or company that solicits another NEAA attendee to sell their product. Exhibitors can be identified by the color of their name badge. Only exhibitors may solicit business while the conference is in session. Please report any solicitation by a non-exhibitor to a Board Member immediately.

NEAA reviews all registrations and reserves the right to change or cancel the registration of any individual or company at its sole discretion to enforce NEAA rules and policies.

Attendee Defined
An attendee is defined as any person(s) or company that seeks to sell a product or service, or otherwise solicit business for a bankcard merchant. In addition, an attendee seeks information from, or resells the products of, the registered vendors. An attendee may also be a technical support or customer support representative of a business as long as their main job is to support their merchants. Attendees can be identified by the color of their name badge.

All attendees must be registered and paid before participating in the conference. We understand there may be person(s) or company(ies) that meet both definitions. Any person(s) wearing an attendee name badge are prohibited from soliciting business from other attendees during open conference hours. Please report any violation to a Board Member immediately.

Industry Expert Defined

An Industry Expert is defined as Senior, Executive, Sales or Technical Management of an ISO, Bank, Card Processing or Issuing company, Investment firm, Financial Services company, Lending company, Marketing company, Manufacturing company, Attorneys, Regulatory and Compliance companies, Software companies, POS companies, previous Exhibitor (Vendor) who is not exhibiting at a table and others deemed not applicable as an "Attendee" per an Executive Member of the NEAA Board.  

Suitcasing by any of the above, i.e. gaining access to the event to solicit business in the aisles or other public spaces used for the conference is not permitted. This practice skirts the support of the vendor/exhibitors and sponsors who have contributed time and money to exhibit at the conference. Anyone who is observed to be acting as an exhibitor/vendor and soliciting business, booking meetings in the public spaces or handing out information on their business who is not a registered vendor will be asked to leave immediately. Any Hospitality suites and usage of Meeting Rooms must be approved prior to the event by the NEAA Executive Board.

Dress Code
Dress code for all events during the conference is business casual.

Photography Policy
By attending the NEAA Conference, you acknowledge that photographs and/or videos of you or your group my be taken by our conference staff and/or professional photographers at any time. Furthermore, you grant NEAA permission to use photographs and/or videos of your likeness in any type of media, including websites and printed publications, without compensation or reward. No audio or video taping of the NEAA Program is permitted.

Registration Information Policy
All data collected in the registration process becomes the property of the NEAA. By completing registration, attendees, industry experts, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and staff agree to allow NEAA to 1) use registration data to promote NEAA and its services, 2) Provide registration data to paid sponsors and 3) Permit paid sponsors to use registration data to contact registered individuals or companies.

Events, Activities and Meetings during NEAA
NEAA provides various networking events throughout the conference. Therefore, Exhibitors, Sponsors and others may not host competing activities and events, on or off property, that conflict with the published NEAA event agenda. For clarification, no outside events will be allowed from the time the first NEAA activity starts, through the conclusion of the last NEAA activity. Outside event organizers, when outside events occur near or adjacent to the start or end of the NEAA event, may not 1) advertise outside events “in conjunction with” or “sponsored by” NEAA, 2) impinge upon or leverage NEAA contacts or contracts with venues or 3) take any action that would intentionally or unintentionally cause harm to the NEAA event.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Specific to the NEAA Mobile App
By registering for the NEAA mobile app, whether through a mobile device, mobile application or computer (collectively, the “Service”) you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and the Privacy Statement found here. NEAA may collect Personal Information, including Sensitive Data and other information.
“Personal Information” means individually identifiable information that would allow us to determine the actual identity, and contact of, a specific living person. Sensitive Data includes information, comments or content (e.g., photographs, profile, work) that you optionally provide that my reveal your ethnic origin, nationality, and/or religion. By providing Sensitive Data to us, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of Sensitive Data as permitted by applicable privacy laws. We may collect this information through a website, mobile application, or other online services. By registering for NEAA, you are authorizing us to gather, parse and retain data related to the provision of the Service. When you provide personal information thru our Service, the information my be sent to servers located in the United States and countries around the world.

 Any person(s) reported for violating these provisions will be removed from the conference and barred from attending future conferences.